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Supported Hardware: Hardware Drivers


Simulink Real-Time includes hardware driver support for a range of commercial off-the-shelf I/O boards, and runs on PC-compatible target computer hardware. To develop your own real-time simulation and testing environment for Simulink-Real-Time, you use a PC-compatible target computer with one of the I/O boards supported by the library of I/O drivers. You purchase these boards directly from the manufacturer and install them in your target computer to complete your own real-time simulation and testing environment.

There are many combinations of components that you can use to create a PC-compatible target computer, but not all PC-compatible computers perform equally well under real-time conditions. Some combinations of components can affect performance, such as certain combinations of BIOS settings, network cards, and open PCI slots.

If you choose to develop your own real-time simulation and testing environment by purchasing and assembling a PC-compatible target computer, you are responsible for ensuring that it performs well under real-time conditions.

xPC Target block library

If you need to use an I/O board for which no Simulink-Real-Time I/O driver exists, read the Guide for Writing Device Drivers for Simulink-Real-Time (login required). This guide offers examples and source code provided with Simulink-Real-Time to assist you in writing your own driver.

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Cochlear Ltd. Streamlines Development of Cochlear Implant Sound Processing Algorithms

“MATLAB, Simulink, and Simulink Real-Time provide a robust, flexible, and efficient means of integrating the many different technologies that cochlear implants require. We identify the best ideas faster, and our recipients experience the improvements in real-time tests, which are essential to our research” – Dr. John Heasman, Cochlear Limited

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