Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox Apps

Statistics and Machine Learning apps enable you to quickly access common tasks through an interactive interface. You can efficiently describe, analyze, model data, and converge on a solution for a particular statistics or machine learning problem.

The Classification Learner and Distribution Fitting apps are included in the toolbox. You can find them, along with the apps for your other installed products, in the Apps tab on the MATLAB Toolstrip. In addition, you can find many apps on the MATLAB File Exchange that have been authored by the MATLAB User Community using the App Building Blocks.

Classification Learner

The Classification Learner app lets you train models to classify data using supervised machine learning.

You can perform common supervised learning tasks such as interactively exploring your data, selecting features, specifying validation schemes, training models, and assessing results.

You can export classification models to the MATLAB workspace, or generate MATLAB code to integrate models into applications.

Distribution Fitting

The Distribution Fitting app enables you to fit data using univariate probability distributions, a nonparametric (kernel-smoothing) estimator, or a custom distribution that you define.

You can use complete data or censored (reliability) data, and you can exclude data, save and load sessions, and generate MATLAB code.