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The MathWorks usability team

The MathWorks usability team is always on the lookout for people who use MathWorks products to help us make them even better. Do you have an hour or two to help improve MathWorks products?

What's in it for you?

  • A sneak peek at the latest product developments
  • The chance to talk with developers of the products you're currently using
  • The chance to influence the design and direction of MathWorks products
  • Compensation of up to $100

Many Ways to Participate

You Come to MathWorks

At MathWorks headquarters in Natick, MA, study participants meet with members of a product development team. You perform tasks using a prototype version of the product or Web page and team members collect your feedback. Tasks reflect the way you would typically use the product or Web site. Sessions usually last about two hours.

We Meet Online

A remote study is for those located outside the Natick area. You need to have a computer, an Internet connection, and a telephone. The development team connects to you through an Internet meeting client, such as WebEx. Using a shared desktop, you complete specific tasks with the prototype software or Web site. Sessions usually last about two hours.

MathWorks Comes to You

To see how you interact with MathWorks products in your work environment, members of the development team visit your place of business. They interview you about your product usage and, if possible, observe you working with the product in your environment.

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