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Recorded Webinar Series: How a Differential Equation Becomes a Robot:
Expanding the Power of MATLAB with Simulink and Symbolic Math Toolbox

This six-part webinar series will examine how a simple second-order differential equation can evolve into a complex dynamic model of a multiple-degrees-of-freedom robotic manipulator that includes the controls, electronics, and three-dimensional mechanics of the complete system. The system is developed using the single, integrated environment provided by the MATLAB® and Simulink® product families.

Highlights of the series include:

  • Creating equations of motion using the MuPAD® interface in Symbolic Math Toolbox
  • Modeling complex electromechanical systems using Simulink and the physical modeling libraries
  • Importing three-dimensional mechanisms directly from CAD packages using the SimMechanics translator
  • Design, tune, and optimize controllers directly in your Simulink model using Control System Toolbox and Optimization Toolbox
  • Prototyping and testing your real-time system directly in hardware with xPC Target

How a Differential Equation Becomes a Robot (Overview) 57:22

Part 1: Rigid Body Dynamics 43:10
Part 2: Actuators and Sensors 35:27
Part 3: Control Systems 21:36
Part 4: Forward and Inverse Kinematics 49:00
Part 5: Hardware Prototyping 32:47

These webinars were recorded on 11 May 2012.