Why Choose MathWorks Consulting Services?

MathWorks Consultants bring years of project and industry experience to move you faster through the learning curve, optimize technology adoption, and accelerate time to value.

With MATLAB and Simulink expertise and wide-ranging technical experience, we mentor and guide your team with industry tried and tested practices to improve application and model quality, manage increasing complexity, and reduce the cost of implementation and maintenance.

MathWorks Consultants have direct access to product developers giving them unequaled insight into features and roadmaps, and unique understanding of how to best use MATLAB and Simulink to meet your business and technical goals.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Freightos Performs Big Data Analytics for Online Freight Logistics with MATLAB and Google BigQuery

"When we asked MathWorks Consulting for assistance with Google BigQuery integration, we got real action from a real person really quickly. That support turned MATLAB from powerful into irreplaceable for us."

Eytan Buchman, Freightos

"We completed development and verification of the ECU from scratch in 36 months, which was 40% faster than we had planned. With Model-Based Design and support from MathWorks Consultants, our engineer’s training time was reduced dramatically."

Daming Li, Weichai Power

"With interactive analysis tools built with MATLAB and help from MathWorks Consultants, our biologists can complete sample analysis that formerly took 12 hours in just 2.5 hours. Now, we can evaluate the effects of multiple drugs and compare them at the same time."

Ryuta Saito, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma

"On the first project that we worked on with MathWorks Consulting Services, we cut development time in half....More importantly the Consultants taught us how we could accelerate FPGA implementation on future projects ourselves."

Dr. Zhihua He, Principal Imaging Scientist, Infraredx

"The MathWorks Consultants have complete mastery over MATLAB and Simulink products, which enabled us to develop and optimize the simulator interface using best practices that improved productivity and maintainability. Because knowledge transfer was a priority throughout the project, we are now autonomous, and continuing development on our own."

Jérôme Vouillat, Simulation Engineer, DCNS

"To take advantage of network fee reimbursements, we needed to supply an accurate, yearly power consumption estimate. Available black-box power consumption forecasts were not precise enough. Using Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox, MathWorks Consulting Services helped us build a customized and highly accurate predictive model. Leveraging the Consultant’s expertise, we were able to determine yearly power consumption and receive a 600,000 € reimbursement — a very healthy return on our 7000 € consulting investment!"

Herr Dr. Michael Kohlert, Head of Information Management & Automation, Mondi Gronau GmbH

"Consulting Services played a major role in our decision to go with MathWorks....They were able to lay a foundation and give us different solutions....We relied on the Consultants pretty heavily throughout this project."

Lester White, Head of Development, National Elevator Industry Educational Program