Verification and Validation of Simulink Models

This one-day course describes techniques for testing and formally verifying Simulink® model behavior. Topics include:

  • Recalling the role of verification and validation in Model-Based Design
  • Configuring Simulink models for testing
  • Testing a Simulink model for accuracy and coverage
  • Publishing test results
  • Formally verifying model behavior

Training Formats

Format Course Length Course Outline


Course is led by a MathWorks instructor in a focused classroom setting. Locations include MathWorks offices and public sites worldwide; classroom training can also take place at your facility

1 day View details

Online instructor-led

Course is held online in real time by a MathWorks instructor and contains the same course content and materials used in the classroom setting

1 day View details


MATLAB Fundamentals and Simulink for System and Algorithm Modeling
This course is intended for intermediate or advanced Simulink users. Familiarity with creating MATLAB scripts and functions is recommended.