Verification and Validation of Simulink Models


MATLAB Fundamentals and Simulink for System and Algorithm Modeling. This course is intended for intermediate or advanced Simulink users.
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Verification and Validation in Model-Based Design

Objective: Introduce verification and validation in the Simulink environment and discuss how it fits in to a typical Model-Based Design project workflow.

  • Continuous test and verification
  • Types of verification
  • Electronic throttle control project
Developing Test Cases

Objective: Create time-based and logic-based test cases for a Simulink model.

  • Defining test cases
  • Generating test harnesses
  • Creating and importing test inputs
  • Incorporating logic in tests
Analyzing Test Results

Objective: Analyze test results of a Simulink simulation, both during and after the simulation.

  • Performing requirements-based assessments
  • Logging, inspecting, and comparing test results
  • Collecting model coverage
Building Test Suites

Objective: Create repeatable groups of tests and automatically generate reports from the test results.

  • Creating test files
  • Configuring simulation, baseline, and equivalence tests
  • Viewing and documenting test results
Formally Verifying Models

Objective: Use formal methods to mathematically analyze Simulink models without the need for test cases.

  • Using Simulink Design Verifier
  • Automatically generating tests
  • Proving model properties
  • Detecting design errors