Latest Features

Explore the latest automotive features in MATLAB® and Simulink®.

Perception System Design

  • New Lidar Sensor Model: Generate synthetic point clouds from programmatic driving scenarios
  • New Tracking Examples: Fuse radar and lidar tracks, perform track-to-track fusion in Simulink
  • Unreal Engine® Compatible Sensor Models: Integrate your Simulink model with a camera, lidar, or radar sensor model simulating in an Unreal Engine scene
  • Monocular Camera Parameter Estimation: Configure a monocular camera by estimating its extrinsic parameters
  • Radar Sensor Model Enhancements: Model occlusions in radar sensors
  • Sensor fusion and tracking examples
  • Path Planning: Plan driving paths using an RRT* path planner and costmap
  • Lidar Segmentation: Quickly segment 3D point clouds from lidar

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Test and Verification

  • New MDF Read on Linux: Open and read MDF files on Linux platform
  • MDF File Information and Sorting Functions: Quickly access MDF file metadata and sort the contents of an MDF file
  • MDF File Import Performance: Open and read MDF files significantly faster than in previous releases
  • Kinematics and Compliance Virtual Test Laboratory: Generate mapped suspension calibration parameters from spreadsheet data
  • Vector BLF File Format Support: Read and write binary BLF logging files from MATLAB
  • Prebuilt Driving Scenarios: Test driving algorithms using Euro NCAP® and other prebuilt scenarios
  • OpenDRIVE® File Import Support: Load OpenDRIVE roads into a driving scenario
  • Driving Scenario Designer: Interactively define actors and driving scenarios to test controllers and sensor fusion algorithms
  • Preassembled maneuvers for common ride and handling tests, including a double-lane change and constant radius test

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Ground Truth Labeling

  • New Lidar labeling: Label lidar point clouds to train deep learning models
  • New Multisignal Ground Truth Labeling: Label multiple lidar and video signals simultaneously
  • Ground Truth Labeling: Organize labels by logical groups
  • Define multiple custom labels in Ground Truth Labeler connector
  • Ground Truth Pixel Labeling: Interactively label individual pixels in video data
  • Ground Truth Label Attributes: Organize and classify ground truth labels using attributes and sublabels

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  • New 3D Simulation Version Upgrade: Run 3D simulations using Unreal Engine, Version 4.23
  • New Headless Mode: Run 3D simulations without opening the Unreal Engine 3D visualization display
  • 3D Simulation: Develop, test, and verify driving algorithms in a 3D simulation environment rendered using the Unreal Engine by Epic Games®
  • Unreal Engine Scenes: Use prebuilt 3D scenes, including a parking lot, highway segment, and Mcity, or create your own custom scene with the Unreal Editor
  • HERE HD Live Map Reader: Read and visualize data from high-definition maps designed for automated driving applications
  • Unreal Engine 4 Interface: Use support package to customize and install additional 3D scenes
  • Maneuver Reference Applications: Use 3D environment ray tracing to determine ground location under tires during vehicle maneuver
  • Bird's-Eye Scope for Simulink: Analyze sensor coverages, detections, and tracks in your model

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  • Virtual Calibration: Use Model-Based Calibration Toolbox™ to calibrate Mapped Motor and Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverter block efficiency maps with measured data 
  • Getting Started Example: Generate current controller calibration tables for flux-based motor controllers
  • Libraries of propulsion, steering, suspension, vehicle body, brake, and tire components
  • Flux-Based Motor Parameterization: Generate parameters for Flux-Based PMSM and Flux-Based PM Controller blocks​
  • Battery Parameterization: Generate parameters for Datasheet Battery and Equivalent Circuit Battery blocks

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Engine Calibration

  • Deep Learning Engine Model: Generate a deep learning engine model for algorithm design and performance, fuel economy, and emissions analysis
  • ASAM CDFX File Format Support: Import, export, and modify files in calibration data file format (CDFX)
  • Timestamp Support for XCP Blocks: Communicate timestamped data between Simulink models and XCP slaves
  • Virtual Calibration: Use Model-Based Calibration Toolbox to calibrate SI and CI mapped engine blocks
  • CI and SI Engine Dynamometer Reference Applications: Resize engines and recalibrate controllers based on desired engine displacement and number of cylinders

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Fuel Economy and Performance Analysis

  • New Vehicle and Trailer Blocks: Implement 3DOF trailers and vehicles with three axles
  • New Transmission Control Module: Optimize shift schedules for algorithm design and performance, fuel economy, and emissions analysis
  • HEV Reference Applications: New or updated reference applications for single-motor HEV architectures P0, P1, P2, P3, and P4. Fully assembled models use a new equivalent consumption minimization strategy (ECMS) for the supervisory hybrid control
  • Powertrain Efficiency: Evaluate and report energy and power losses at the component and system level
  • HEV Input Power-Split Reference Application: Use fully assembled model for HIL testing, tradeoff analysis, and control parameter optimization of a power-split hybrid like the Toyota Prius

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