Today, engineers and scientists are using advanced computational methods to solve the great challenges of our time. These include the development of new medicines and healthcare technology, the delivery of clean air and water to people around the globe, and the accurate forecasting of weather and climate change.

MATLAB® is a high-level language for the expression of engineering and scientific ideas, and it is the computational engine that drives discovery and innovation.

Why Use MATLAB for Technical Computing?

MATLAB enables you to express your ideas and collaborate across disciplines. Share your projects with the millions of other researchers and scientists who use MATLAB as a common language.

MATLAB has a vast algorithm library that embodies the latest techniques in areas such as linear algebra, signal and image processing, and control systems.

Speed Up Your Work

With MATLAB, engineers and scientists accomplish in minutes or hours what would take days, weeks, or months with conventional programming languages. They speed up their work by running MATLAB on multicore processors, GPUs, and clusters. They automatically generate C code from MATLAB algorithms, and they deploy MATLAB components into production environments.

Explore Technical Computing Applications

University of Illinois researchers use advanced statistical methods to explain how changes in climate affect the ecosystem.

Researchers develop and deploy an application for simulating a mechanistic PK/PD model.

Engineers identify characteristics of vehicle use to create a diverse vehicle base for future fleet operation.