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MATLAB Product Family
MATLAB USD $2,150.00
Parallel Computing
Parallel Computing Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Math, Statistics, and Optimization
Symbolic Math Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Optimization Toolbox USD $1,250.00
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Curve Fitting Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Global Optimization Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Neural Network Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Control Systems
Control System Toolbox USD $1,000.00
System Identification Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Robust Control Toolbox USD $2,000.00
Model Predictive Control Toolbox USD $2,150.00
Aerospace Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Robotics System Toolbox USD $2,150.00
Signal Processing and Communications
Signal Processing Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Wavelet Toolbox USD $1,000.00
RF Toolbox USD $1,100.00
Antenna Toolbox USD $1,850.00
Phased Array System Toolbox USD $1,850.00
Image Processing and Computer Vision
Image Processing Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Computer Vision System Toolbox USD $1,350.00
Image Acquisition Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Mapping Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Test & Measurement
Data Acquisition Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Instrument Control Toolbox USD $1,000.00
OPC Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Vehicle Network Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Computational Finance
Financial Toolbox USD $1,850.00
Econometrics Toolbox USD $1,000.00
Datafeed Toolbox USD $1,250.00
Financial Instruments Toolbox USD $1,850.00
Trading Toolbox USD $1,850.00
Computational Biology
Bioinformatics Toolbox USD $1,000.00
SimBiology USD $3,250.00
Code Generation
Fixed-Point Designer USD $3,250.00
Application Deployment
Spreadsheet Link EX USD $215.00
Database Access and Reporting
Database Toolbox USD $1,000.00
MATLAB Report Generator USD $1,100.00
Simulink Product Family
Simulink USD $3,250.00
Event-Based Modeling
Stateflow USD $3,000.00
SimEvents USD $3,000.00
Physical Modeling
Simscape USD $2,150.00
SimMechanics USD $2,150.00
SimDriveline USD $2,150.00
SimHydraulics USD $2,150.00
SimElectronics USD $2,150.00
SimPowerSystems USD $3,000.00
Control Systems
Simulink Control Design USD $1,100.00
Simulink Design Optimization USD $1,100.00
Aerospace Blockset USD $1,100.00
Signal Processing and Communications
DSP System Toolbox USD $1,350.00
SimRF USD $2,150.00
Communications System Toolbox USD $1,350.00
Real-Time Simulation and Testing
Simulink Desktop Real-Time USD $2,150.00
Verification, Validation, and Test
Simulink Verification and Validation USD $3,250.00
Simulation Graphics and Reporting
Simulink 3D Animation USD $1,100.00
Simulink Report Generator USD $1,100.00

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