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Fuzzy Logic: Intelligence, Control, and Information 1992

Fuzzy Logic: Intelligence, Control, and Information

The goal of this book is to introduce fuzzy logic and its applications to upper-level undergraduate students, beginning graduate students, and practicing engineers. It provides an in-depth understanding of both the principle and the practice of the technology, as well as a working knowledge of how to use the technology. The book focuses on aspects of the theory that serve as the basis for fuzzy logic-based control, pattern classification, and information processing strategies in relation to complex systems. In addition, the book focuses on various important application areas of fuzzy logic, as well as individual application domains and design methodology. MATLAB, Simulink, and the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox are used throughout the book to demonstrate concepts and techniques. These tools are used to illustrate design issues, design guidelines, and strategies for tuning membership functions, and to provide simulation codes and preliminary designs for homework problems.

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About This Book

John Yen, Texas A&M University at College Station
Reza Langari, Texas A&M University at College Station

Prentice Hall, 1999

ISBN: 0-13-525817-0
Language: English