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Speech Processing and Synthesis Toolboxes 2251

Speech Processing and Synthesis Toolboxes

Written for graduate students, this text introduces speech analysis and synthesis through user-computer interaction. It also provides a means to study the features and properties of speech as a signal without having to record data or write software to analyze the data. Topics covered in the text include data collection and measurement procedures, the theory of speech data processing, and the application of digital signal processing procedures to speech analysis and synthesis.

Companion software available Companion Software: The author has developed a self-contained GUI-driven application which is available on CD bound in the book. This application illustrates the effects that speech models and speech analysis procedures have on the quality of synthesized speech. This application was developed with MATLAB and the Signal Processing Toolbox and deployed with the MATLAB Runtime Server. Also included are an extensive speech database and a set of MATLAB M-files.

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About This Book

Donald G. Childers, University of Florida

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2000

ISBN: 0-471-34959-3
Language: English