Linear Circuit Analysis

Linear Circuit Analysis

Designed for an undergraduate course, this book presents circuit theories in the context of three fundamental quantities (time, voltage, and current), and it stresses an "applications-oriented" study of active circuits. Chapters 1-3 introduce the basic concepts of circuit analysis while establishing a solid mathematical foundation for the analysis and solution of problems. Chapters 6-10 present a method of time-domain analysis that unifies the three major divisions of circuit analysis (DC, AC, and transient analysis) based on the use of differential operators. This book provides students with a demonstrated mastery of problem-solving skills and an integrated knowledge of circuit analysis topics that effectively support their later studies in signals and systems, electronics, and control.

  • Companion Software: The author has developed a set of MATLAB M-files, which are available on CD bound in the book.

About This Book

Artice M. Davis, San Jose State University

PWS Publishing Company, 1998

ISBN: 0-534-95095-7
Language: English

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