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Control Engineering: An Introductory Course

Control Engineering: An Introductory Course

This book provides a first-level introduction to control engineering, while integrating computer-aided design tools from the beginning.  The first part of the book covers simple design in the time-domain, while the second covers frequency-domain material and introduces state variables and simple analysis for state variable models.  In addition, PID controllers and their industrial implementations are a strong theme in the book.  An introduction to MATLAB, Simulink, and the SISO Design Tool (included in the Control System Toolbox) is provided in early chapters.  MATLAB, Simulink, and the Control System Toolbox are used throughout the book for design and analysis.

About This Book

Jacqueline Wilkie, University of Strathclyde
Michael Johnson
Reza Katebi, University of Strathclyde

Palgrave, 2002

ISBN: 0-333-77129-X
Language: English

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