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MATLAB i Simulink, 2e: poradnik uzytkownika

Written in Polish, this book provides an introduction to MATLAB and Simulink. The book begins with a description of the MATLAB environment, and introduces the reader to programming and creating graphics in MATLAB. The book also describes how to create models in Simulink. In addition, the following products are introduced: Stateflow; Simscape Power Systems; Simscape Multibody; Simulink Real-Time; the Signal Processing and Gauges Blocksets; Fixed-Point Designer; and the Signal Processing, Control System, Optimization, System Identification, Symbolic Math, and Data Acquisition Toolboxes.

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About This Book

Bogumila Mrozek, Cracow University of Technology
Zbigniew Mrozek, Cracow University of Technology

Helion, 2004

ISBN: 83-7361-486-9
Language: Polish