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Engineering Mechanics: Statics-Computational Edition

Engineering Mechanics: Statics-Computational Edition

Written for undergraduate mechanical engineering students, this book focuses on the conceptual understanding of mechanics and addresses developments in the methods of analyzing mechanics problems. Topics covered include vector analysis, particle equilibrium, distributed forces, and internal forces in structural members. The book is also available as an SI Edition (ISBN 978-0-495-43811-1). 

This book may also be ordered with a supplemental MATLAB manual (ISBN 0-495-29593-0). The supplement provides instruction on how to use MATLAB to solve homework problems and the sample problems in the text.

About This Book

Daniel J. Inman, University of Michigan
Robert W. Soutas-Little, Michigan State University
Daniel S. Balint, Imperial College London

Nelson Education, 2008

ISBN: 978-0-495-43811-3
Language: English

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