Continuous Signals and Systems with MATLAB, 2e

Continuous Signals and Systems with MATLAB, 2e

Written primarily for undergraduate junior and senior electrical, mechanical, aeronautical, and aerospace engineering students as well as practicing engineers, this book is focused on continuous systems. The authors cover all the traditional topics and include chapters on system design, state-space techniques, linearizing nonlinear systems, and the design and analysis of analog filters. They also discuss the five representations of continuous systems and explain how to go from one representation to another. By focusing on only one component of linear systems, this book covers the subject in depth, to provide the background and tools necessary to tackle real-life problems.

The revised second edition includes many solved examples using MATLAB. There is also a completely revised chapter that uses MATLAB to illustrate how to design, simulate, and implement analog filters.

About This Book

Taan S. ElAli, King Faisal University
Mohammad A. Karim, Old Dominion University, Virgina

CRC Press, Inc., 2008

ISBN: 978-1-4200-5474-3
Language: English

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