Data Clustering: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications

Data Clustering: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications

Written for students and engineers using data analysis, pattern recognition, and applied mathematics, this text provides a comprehensive introduction to cluster analysis. Beginning with the basics of cluster analysis, the book provides more than 50 clustering algorithms in groups according to specific baseline methodologies such as hierarchical, center-based, and search-based methods. Topics covered include scale conversion, data standardization and transformation, and hierarchical clustering techniques.

The book features a chapter on data clustering using MATLAB. In addition, sample MATLAB M-files are available in the appendix.

About This Book

Guojun Gan, York University
Chaoqun Ma, Hunan University
Jianhong Wu, York University

SIAM, 2007

ISBN: 978-0-898716-23-8
Language: English

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