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Experiments with MATLAB

Experiments with MATLAB

This e-book features chapters that supplement high school and early college courses in mathematics and technical computing, including calculus and matrix theory. The expected background includes algebra, trigonometry, and some familiarity with computers.

Based on MATLAB, the e-book includes more than 40 M-programs. Many of over 140 exercises involve modifying and extending these programs. The e-book makes extensive use of computer graphics, including interactive graphical expositions of mathematical topics.

An electronic edition, published by The MathWorks, is available from this Web site. This e-book is currently under active development with new material being added from time to time. There are no current plans for a traditional print edition.

About This Book

Cleve B. Moler, MathWorks

The MathWorks, Inc, 2008

Language: English

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