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Mechanical Vibration: Analysis, Uncertainties, and Control, 3e

Mechanical Vibration: Analysis, Uncertainties, and Control, 3e

Written for undergraduate and graduate courses on vibration, this book integrates the disciplines of vibration, uncertainties, and control into a single volume. The text provides an in-depth discussion on basic vibration with real physical insights into the equations. The book offers extensive physical analyses, realistic example problems, and lists of mini-projects that lead readers to relevant literature in the discipline. Topics covered include mechanical vibration, random vibration, and nonlinear oscillations.

Supplemental resource material is available that applies MATLAB to a set of vibration problems. MATLAB code files are also included.

About This Book

Haym Benaroya, Rutgers University
Mark L. Nagurka, Marquette University

CRC Press, Inc., 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4200-8056-8
Language: English

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