Computational Intelligence Paradigms: Theory & Applications using MATLAB

Computational Intelligence Paradigms: Theory & Applications using MATLAB

Written for students and researchers in the field of computational intelligence, this book presents theoretical concepts and a general framework for computational intelligence (CI) approaches. The text includes numerous intelligent computing methodologies and algorithms used in CI research. Topics covered include evolutionary computing, swarm intelligence, artificial neural networks, and neural networks using MATLAB and Simulink.

MATLAB and Simulink are used to solve numerous application examples. In addition, a list of MATLAB toolboxes based on computational intelligence is included in an appendix, including Global Optimization Toolbox, Fuzzy Logic Toolbox, and Neural Network Toolbox.

About This Book

S. Sumathi, PSG College of Technology
Surekha P., Adhiyamaan College of Engineering

CRC Press, Inc., 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4398-0902-0
Language: English

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