Introduction to Biomedical Engineering, 3e

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering, 3e

Written for a first course in biomedical engineering, this book discusses the fundamental principles underlying biomedical engineering design, analysis, and modeling procedures. Topics include biomechanics, biomaterials, tissue engineering, bioinstrumentation, bioinformatics, biosignal processing, and medical imaging. The revised fourth edition contains updated chapters on current research in biomaterials, tissue engineering, and biosensors. Many additional examples and end-of-chapter exercises are included.

MATLAB and Simulink are introduced in an appendix and used throughout the book to solve numerous application examples. A section on Symbolic Math Toolbox is also included.

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About This Book

John D. Enderle, University of Connecticut
Joseph D. Bronzino, Trinity College

Elsevier Science, 2012

ISBN: 978-0-12-374979-6
Language: English

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