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Changes in Support for Printer Drivers and Graphics Formats in MATLAB

We will be removing a number of printer driver and graphics file export options in a future version of MATLAB.

Rationale for Changing Supported Drivers and Formats

The MathWorks is planning to use existing operating system (OS) support for printer drivers, output devices, and graphics file formats. Because of this change, you will not be able to choose certain print devices and graphics formats when using the print –d and saveas commands in a future release of MATLAB.

You will still be able to use the affected printers with MATLAB if your OS provides the appropriate hardware drivers. However, you will not be able to use the print –d command to print directly to such devices from MATLAB.

For a complete list of printer drivers being removed, see the MATLAB print documentation.

Disabling the Warning Message

Continuing to use drivers and formats slated for removal will generate warning messages. To disable the warning messages, use the commands below.

For deprecated printer drivers:

warning('off', 'MATLAB:Print:Deprecate:PrinterFormat');

For deprecated graphics file formats:

warning('off', 'MATLAB:Print:Deprecate:GraphicFormat');

Note that once this functionality is removed, the warning will become an error.