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Building Competency for In House Development with Model Based Design

Vinod Reddy, MathWorks

Electronic controls and embedded software represent a core development for automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers. Current models look to new methods for developing electronic controls, and embedded software is usually the most popular method. More and more companies are designing models that improve and support independent development. The main challenges they now face are: how to understand core abilities, and set up the expected target levels; and how to determine the areas with the highest priority, so as to rationally allocate resources to ensure improvement. MathWorks has decades of experience in the automobile industry, and in order to address these challenges, MathWorks has developed a mature model-based framework . This keynote presentation will briefly give an overview of this framework and discuss the current degree of competency in the automobile industry, including suggestions for China’s automobile industry on how to attain the required proficiency requirements.

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Recorded: 20 Jun 2013