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MATLAB and Simulink Unmanned Vehicle Systems: Buoy Detection Using Simulink

Sergio Biagioni, MathWorks

Learn how to perform Buoy Detection using Simulink® in this episode of the MATLAB® and Simulink Video Series for Unmanned Vehicle Systems.

Buoy Detection is used, for example, to design robust computer vision algorithms. As a result, although Buoy Detection is a task found in the RoboBoat, RoboSub, and RobotX competitions, this content is applicable to all AUVSI Foundation competitions.

This video includes demonstrations and explanations to show you how to:

  • Perform buoy detection algorithms in Simulink
  • Manually tune buoy detection algorithms with Simulink and a custom app*
  • Automatically tune buoy detection algorithms using metrics
  • Compare algorithms using metrics
  • Deploy the algorithm to low-cost target hardware,

*This video shows how to use a custom app found on File Exchange. As of R2014a, there is a built-in app called the Color Thresholder app which you can use instead.

Download the code used in this video, along with a helpful guide to get started, from File Exchange.

Additional Resources:

Product Focus

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  • Computer Vision System Toolbox