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Discover MATLAB Release 2012b

Daryl Ning, MathWorks

Over the last 28 years, every MATLAB release has improved the product in the fundamental areas of capability and usability. One of the pivotal moments in the evolution of MATLAB came with the R12 release in 2000, when the MATLAB command window transformed into a multipanel development environment. The new interface improved daily productivity for experienced users and made the usage experience much easier for new adopters. If you’re an active MATLAB user, or even just a part-time user, join this presentation to discover how the updates in the R2012b release will accelerate your productivity.

Session highlights include:

  • The MATLAB Toolstrip with tabs that organize commonly used functionality
  • An apps gallery that presents interactive MATLAB applications from the MATLAB product family
  • The ability to package and share your own apps, including installation into the apps gallery
  • Redesigned Help with improved browsing, searching, and filtering
  • Flexible interactive importing from delimited and fixed-width text files with the Import Tool
  • Suggested corrections for mistyped functions and variables in the Command Window

Product Focus


Recorded: 9 Oct 2012