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Efficient Validation and Verification of SDA Models via On-Target Bypass with ETAS EHOOKS

Thomas Burger, Continental Automotive GmbH
Ralf Müller, Continental Automotive GmbH
Marco Kunze, Continental Automotive GmbH
Nigel Tracey, ETAS GmbH
Mark Rutter, ETAS GmbH

This session presents our experience using on-target bypass to efficiently validate and verify Simulink based System Design Automation (SDA) models. On-target bypass using Simulink models allows validation and verification of a new control strategy directly within the production ECU software. On-target bypass has previously not been feasible because it was difficult to integrate code for a new Simulink model directly into the production ECU software without the support of the ECU software team. The EHOOKS tool from ETAS now makes on-target bypass feasible by automatically building an updated ECU software version that includes the new Simulink model integrated in a defined and controllable manner.

On-target bypass, in combination with SDA supporting the powertrain architecture, offers an easy and powerful way to execute, test, and precalibrate the model-based functions directly on the ECU.

Product Focus

  • Simulink

Recorded: 17 Apr 2012