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Mixed-Integer Linear Programming in MATLAB

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Seth DeLand, MathWorks

Learn how to use the new optimization solver for mixed-integer linear programming in Release 2014a. This new solver enables you to solve optimization problems in which some or all of the variables are constrained to take on integer values. Mixed-integer problems are commonly encountered in Finance, Energy, and Operations Research, such as when variables represent the number of shares of a stock to purchase, or a yes-or-no (binary) decision.

Specific topics in this webinar include:

  • Setting up and solving MILP problems in MATLAB
  • An overview of the algorithm used to solve these problems
  • Tuning the solver for your application
  • Using MILP in deployed applications

View example code from this webinar here:

About the Presenter: Seth DeLand is product marketing manager for the MATLAB optimization products.  Prior to joining MathWorks, Seth earned his BS and MS in mechanical engineering from Michigan Technological University.

Product Focus

  • Optimization Toolbox

Recorded: 29 Apr 2014