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Model-Based Design for Small and Mid-Sized Aerospace Companies

Matt Behr, MathWorks
Mike Esposito, MathWorks

Model-Based Design for Small and Mid-Sized Aerospace Companies

The trend in the Aerospace Industry is towards more complex multi-domain products and applications. Single systems and components often contain mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, communications, signal processing, video, and software components. In addition to complexity, there are more and more requirements such as DO-178B on the development and verification of these systems.

Model-Based Design has proved its value on some of the largest Aerospace projects currently being developed. Examples include the Joint Strike Fighter.

What can be missed is the value Model-Based Design can provide to smaller companies developing Aerospace systems and components. The technological demands are similar to their larger counterparts. However, in many ways, they can reap greater benefits than there larger counterparts. Because of their size, they can more quickly and fully adopt technology.

This webinar reviews trends in the industry and the benefits that Model-Based Design can provide these smaller aerospace corporations.

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Recorded: 19 Nov 2008