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Modeling an Insulin Infusion Pump

Arvind Ananthan, MathWorks

The glycemic system model in Simulink® is a high-level, functional model that can be used to simulate the closed-loop behavior of an insulin infusion pump in conjunction with a body's insulin absorption mechanism. The principals are based on the mathematical models derived by Dr. Roman Havorka. This model consists of subsystems needed to describe and simulate the dynamics of the ecosystem around an insulin infusion pump. These subsystems include blocks to simulate:

  • Food intake at specified time intervals
  • The glycemic regulatory component of the body
  • A closed-loop controller for the infusion pump
  • A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and its sensors

One of the pieces missing in this system-level model is the physical mechanism for the plunger infusion pump that sits between the pump controller and the body.

In this video, the application engineer demonstrates how Simscape™ blocks can be used to create a simple model of an insulin infusion pump mechanism that consists of a plunger, a DC motor, and other elements required to simulate the system.

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