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RWE AG Integrates a MATLAB Based Energy Pricing Engine with SAP

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Dr. Titus Edelhofer, MathWorks

This webinar features a MATLAB based risk management system for natural gas trading called EwITA (Entwicklung IT-Zielarchitektur Gas). The system, which was developed by RWE, the second largest energy supplier in Germany, considers the following factors:

  • Volatility of price formulas
  • The need to automatically differentiate those formulas to extract the linear and nonlinear parts
  • The need to eliminate previously inconsistent implementations of the formulas throughout the enterprise in the legacy system and Excel (single sourcing for formulas was a must)

RWE based EwITA on SAP, as an acclaimed enterprise solution, and on MATLAB, as a precise computational engine. MATLAB Compiler and MATLAB Builder JA were used to create the production version of the system and interface it with SAP. Since February 2009, when EwITA went in production, it has had zero downtime.

NOTE: As of R2015a, the Application Deployment products referenced in this video have changed. For the details of this transition, please watch a short video on the Application Deployment R2015a Transition.

Presenter: Dr. Titus Edelhofer

Product Focus

  • MATLAB Compiler
  • MATLAB Compiler SDK

Recorded: 22 Mar 2010