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Signal Analysis and Measurement Techniques in MATLAB

Graham Reith, MathWorks

In this presentation, we illustrate techniques for generating, visualizing, and analyzing digital signals across various applications. Using MATLAB® functions and apps, we show you how to perform signal processing tasks such as spectral analysis, windowing, filtering, signal measurements, and statistical signal processing. Using Signal Processing Toolbox™ and DSP System Toolbox™, we demonstrate how you can:

  • Import and visualize signals in the time domain
  • Perform time-domain measurements of digital data and characterize the performance of levels, pulses, and transitions
  • Display time-domain measurements for streaming data using the Time Scope block in MATLAB
  • Apply spectral estimation techniques such as periodogram, Welch, and Yule-Walker to understand signal characteristics in the frequency domain
  • Use apps to accelerate signal analysis, filter design and analysis, and window design and analysis

This presentation is applicable to scientists, engineers, and students who may or may not be signal processing experts.

Product Focus

  • Signal Processing Toolbox

Recorded: 20 Mar 2013