What Is Simulink Real-Time?

Simulink Real-Time™ lets you rapidly create real-time applications from your Simulink® model, and run it on dedicated target computer hardware.

The I/O and protocol interfaces of the target computer make the connection to your physical system under test.

This real-time system is a real-world prototype of your product design or an HIL simulator for testing your new product.

Simulink Real-Time is an integrated solution for rapid control prototyping, DSP and vision system prototyping, and hardware-in-the-loop simulation.

You would extend your Simulink model with driver blocks for I/O and protocol connectivity that can be parameterized.

I/O ranges from analog, digital, reconfigurable FPGA-based I/O, to protocols such as CAN, EtherCat, ARINC-429, and FlexRay.

Simulink Real-Time automatically creates the real-time application from your Simulink model and downloads it onto Speedgoat’s target computer system.

The target hardware with multi-core CPU running Simulink Real-Time’s kernel with microsecond granularity and optional FPGA hardware acceleration can execute complex real-time applications.

You can initiate runs, tune parameters, view and log signals, and associate them with controls and displays of instrument panels for user interfaces.

The MathWorks and Speedgoat technical team is here to help define and configure your real-time simulation and testing environment.

For more information on Simulink Real-Time, please explore the product page below.

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