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Stateflow Design Patterns: Schedulers and Flow Charts

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Michael Carone, MathWorks
Vijay Raghavan, MathWorks

In this webinar we discuss the use of design patterns in Stateflow. Design patterns, which are used heavily in object-oriented programming, present the core of the solution to recurring problems and common tasks. In particular, we review patterns for standard flow-graph constructs, such as if-then-else statements and do-while loops. We also review patterns for creating Stateflow charts that include a) Simulink algorithms, b) schedulers that execute Simulink tasks or components, and c) logic that switches between different controllers implemented in Simulink.

This webinar is for people who are unfamiliar with or new to Stateflow as well as current users. For new users, these design patterns can be used as starting points when developing new models. For those who already use Stateflow, the design patterns can reveal new possibilities for improving existing Stateflow charts.

Product Focus

  • Stateflow
  • Simulink

Recorded: 4 Nov 2008