What Is Simulink Requirements?

Simulink Requirements lets you author, import, and manage requirements within Simulink, track their implementation and verification status, and quickly respond to requirements changes. 

You can create, view, and organize hierarchies of requirements. Requirements from external sources can be imported and updated directly within Simulink. You can complete a round-trip workflow with other tools using an industry-standard interchange format. 

With the Requirements Perspective, you can manage requirements details directly within Simulink, System Composer, and Stateflow. 

Traceability to designs can be quickly created through drag and drop. Badges indicate where links exist in the model. You can show requirements content directly in the diagram without modifying the model. 

Navigate directly to related design elements with traceability links. If you select a requirement, its related design elements are highlighted. If you click a block, the linked requirements come into focus. 

You can also link requirements to test cases to track their verification status. The implementation and verification statuses show the completeness of designs and related tests. 

When a linked requirement changes, Simulink Requirements notifies you so that you can determine if your design is impacted by the change. 

Establishing full lifecycle traceability with Simulink Requirements enables you to document that requirements are being met, understand the impact of any changes, and bidirectionally navigate between requirements, designs, generated code, and test cases. 

To learn more or start a trial, please refer to the Simulink Requirements product page.

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