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What's New in MATLAB

Joe Hicklin, MathWorks
Seth DeLand, MathWorks

In this session, we describe new capabilities recently introduced in MATLAB® and Optimization Toolbox.
Chief Scientist Joe Hicklin starts by describing two significant new capabilities in MATLAB:

  • table, a data container for managing, sorting, and filtering tabular data
  • matlab.unittest, a unit test framework for easy testing of your MATLAB code

Joe shares his insights into how MATLAB is designed to be the language of choice for millions of engineers and scientists worldwide. This talk provides a unique opportunity to learn from one of the key designers of MATLAB.

Seth follows with an overview of the new mixed-integer linear programming solver in Optimization Toolbox. The classic traveling salesman problem is used to show how you can:

  • Set up a mixed-integer linear programming problem in MATLAB
  • Gain insight about the problem by examining solver progress and results
  • Tune the solver by setting solver options

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Recorded: 26 Mar 2014