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What's New in PolySpace Products in 2009

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Marc Lalo, MathWorks

In this webinar we present an overview of Releases 2009a and 2009b of PolySpace code verification products.

New workflows in these releases enable you to:

• Understand the design of the code
• Understand root causes of errors
• Produce the dataflow of a software component
• Automate code verification from Eclipse, Notepad++, or any IDE
• Automate the extraction errors from XML reports or other formats

The 2009 releases of PolySpace products include several new features:

• ToolTips provide data range information directly in PolySpace results. Previously known as the “-voa” option, this information is now available as ToolTip.
• Variable graphs are now available for every global variable and help you gain visibility into the dataflow of your code.
• PolySpace Client and PolySpace Server provide intrinsic performance increases and take advantage of multicore architectures, which can enhance performance.
• You can automatically generate XML, PDF, and Microsoft Word reports at the end of the verification when using PolySpace Server or interactively when using PolySpace Client.
• JSF++ coding rules can be enforced from Eclipse, or from PolySpace Client, with direct link to the error in source code.

This webinar is for users of PolySpace products and for software engineers involved in quality-critical C, C++, or Ada embedded code.

Product Focus

  • Polyspace Code Prover

Recorded: 10 Nov 2009