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LTI System

Use linear system model object in Simulink


The LTI System block imports linear system model objects into the Simulink® environment.

The imported system must be proper. State-space models are always proper. SISO transfer functions or zero-pole-gain models are proper if the degree of their numerator is less than or equal to the degree of their denominator. MIMO transfer functions are proper if all their SISO entries are proper.


LTI system variable

Enter your LTI model. This block supports state-space, zero/pole/gain, and transfer function formats. Your model can be discrete- or continuous-time. (When the block is in a model with synchronous state control (see the State Control block), you must specify a discrete-time model.)

Initial states (state-space only)

If your model is in state-space format, you can specify the initial states in vector format. The default is zero for all states.

Introduced before R2006a

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