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Find attribute in DICOM data dictionary


name = dicomlookup(group, element)
[group, element] = dicomlookup(name)


name = dicomlookup(group, element) looks into the current DICOM data dictionary for the attribute with the specified group and element tags. group and element are string scalars or character vectors that contain either a decimal value or hexadecimal value. dicomlookup returns the name of the attribute as a character vector.

[group, element] = dicomlookup(name) looks into the current DICOM data dictionary for the attribute specified byname and returns the group and element tags associated with the attribute. The values are returned as decimal values.


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Find the names of DICOM attributes using their tags.

name1 = dicomlookup('7FE0', '0010')
name1 = 
name2 = dicomlookup(40, 4)
name2 = 

Look up a DICOM attribute's tag (GROUP and ELEMENT) using its name.

[group, element] = dicomlookup('TransferSyntaxUID')
group = 2
element = 16

Examine the metadata of a DICOM file. This returns the same value even if the data dictionary changes.

metadata = dicominfo('CT-MONO2-16-ankle.dcm');
metadata.(dicomlookup('0028', '0004'))
ans = 

Introduced in R2006b

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