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Class method names and descriptions


m = methods('classname')
m = methods(object)
m = methods(...,'-full')



Cell array of character vectors


Class whose methods are returned


An instrument object or device group object


Request to return full descriptions of methods


m = methods('classname') returns, in a cell array of character vectors, the names of all methods for the class with the name classname.

m = methods(object) returns the names of all methods for the class of which object is an instance.

m = methods(...,'-full') returns full descriptions of the methods in the class, including inheritance information and, for Java® methods, also attributes and signatures. Duplicate method names with different signatures are not removed. If classname represents a MATLAB® class, then inheritance information is returned only if that class has been instantiated.


methods differs from what in that the methods from all method directories are reported together, and methods removes all duplicate method names from the result list. methods will also return the methods for a Java class.

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Introduced before R2006a

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