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View class methods


methodsview packagename.classname
methodsview classname


methodsview packagename.classname displays information about the methods in the class, classname. If the class is in a package, include packagename. If classname is a MATLAB® or Java® class, methodsview lists only public methods, including those methods inherited from superclasses.

methodsview classname displays information describing the class classname. Specify the class name as a character vector or a string scalar.

methodsview(object) displays information about the methods of the class of object.

methodsview creates a window that displays the methods defined in the specified class. methodsview provides additional information like arguments, returned values, and superclasses. It also includes method qualifiers (for example, abstract or synchronized) and possible exceptions thrown.


List information on all methods in the java.awt.MenuItem class:

methodsview java.awt.MenuItem

MATLAB displays this information in a new window.

Introduced before R2006a

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