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Combine Line and Bar Charts Using Two y-Axes

This example shows how to combine a line chart and a bar chart using two different y-axes. It also shows how to customize the line and bars.

Create a chart that has two y-axes using yyaxis. Graphics functions target the active side of the chart. Control the active side using yyaxis. Plot a bar chart using the left y-axis. Plot a line chart using the right y-axis. Assign the bar series object and the chart line object to variables.

days = 0:5:35;
conc = [515 420 370 250 135 120 60 20];
temp = [29 23 27 25 20 23 23 17];

yyaxis left
b = bar(days,temp);
yyaxis right
p = plot(days,conc);

Add a title and axis labels to the chart.

title('Temperature and Concentration Data')
yyaxis left
ylabel('Temperature (\circC)')
yyaxis right

Change the width of the chart line and change the bar colors.

p.LineWidth = 3;
b.FaceColor = [ 0 0.447 0.741];

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