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Get Add-Ons

To extend the capabilities of MATLAB® and gain additional functionality for specific tasks and application, use add-ons. You can find and install add-ons using the Add-On Explorer.

To open the Add-On Explorer, go to the Home tab and in the Environment section, click the Add-Ons icon.

Find add-ons by browsing through available categories located on the left side of the Add-On Explorer window, or by using the search bar.

Click an add-on to open its detailed information page. From this page you can:

  • View additional information about the add-on, such as included files and available documentation.

  • Install the add-on.

After you install an add-on, MATLAB manages the MATLAB path for you. Therefore, you can start using an add-on without making adjustments to your desktop environment.


When installing a MathWorks® product add-on, additional required products are installed automatically. For all other add-ons, you must install additional required products manually.

Install Add-Ons Manually

You can choose to install some add-ons manually. This is helpful if the add-on is not available for installation through the Add-On Explorer. For example, you could create a custom add-on yourself or receive one from someone else.

To install an add-on manually, double click the add-on installation file in the MATLAB Current Folder browser. An installer launches to guide you through the installation process. Valid installation files include .mltbx files (toolboxes), .mlappinstall files (apps), and .mlpkginstall files (hardware support packages).

For some add-ons, you also have the option to download the add-on from the Add-On Explorer without installing it. This is useful if you want to install the add-on on a system without an Internet connection. To download the add-on, select Install > Download Only. Then install the add-on manually by double clicking on the downloaded file in the MATLAB Current Folder browser

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