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Manage Your Add-Ons

You can view and manage installed add-ons using the Add-On Manager. To open the Add-On Manager, go to the Home tab, and select Add-Ons > Manage Add-Ons.

To manage an individual add-on, click the button to the right of the add-on. Options include:

OptionDescriptionAdditional Details
Open FolderOpen the folder location.This option is only available for apps, toolboxes, functions, collections and Simulink® models.
Open DocumentationOpen the documentation for the add-on, if available.N/A
View in Add-on ExplorerView the add-on in the Add-on Explorer window.N/A
View Getting Started GuideView the Getting Started guide.This option is only available for toolboxes that include a Getting Started guide.
SetupSetup the add-on.This option is only available for support packages.
EnabledEnable or disable the add-on.

This option is only available for apps, toolboxes, functions, collections and Simulink models.

This option is useful if you want to customize your MATLAB® environment. You can also enable or disable the add-on using the matlab.addons.enableAddon and matlab.addons.disableAddon functions.

UninstallUninstall the add-on.N/A

The Add-On Manager displays all add-ons that are properly installed in the add-ons installation folder, as well as MATLAB products and hardware support packages. If you have an app or toolbox installed before R2015b, import it for use with R2015b and later by opening the Add-On Manager and clicking Import.

Run Apps

To run an app after you install it, go to the Apps tab and expand the apps gallery by clicking the down arrow to the far right. Then, navigate to your installed app and click the icon. Custom apps that you write or receive from someone else appear in the My Apps section. You can run multiple custom apps concurrently, including multiple instances of the same app.

Default Add-Ons Installation Folder

Add-On TypeDefault Installation Folder
MATLAB productsmatlabroot
Hardware support packages and some additional packagesCustom location. See Support Package Installation.
All others

userpath\Add-Ons folder. The userpath is the path returned by the userpath command.

To change this folder:

  1. On the Home tab, in the Environment section, click Preferences > MATLAB > Add-Ons.

  2. In the Installation Folder field, specify a folder name to which you have write access.


If you change this folder, add-ons installed in the previously selected folder are no longer accessible from within MATLAB.

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