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matlab.mixin.SetGetExactNames class

Package: matlab.mixin
Superclasses: matlab.mixin.SetGet

Require exact name match for set and get methods


classdef MySubClass < matlab.mixin.SetGetExactNames subclasses the matlab.mixin.SetGetExactNames class.

The matlab.mixin.SetGetExactNames class is an abstract class that provides a property set and get interface.

Use the matlab.mixin.SetGetExactNames class to derive classes that inherit property set and get methods. For information on how to use the set and get methods, see the MATLAB® set and get functions.

Classes derived from matlab.mixin.SetGetExactNames require case-sensitive, exact property name matches. To support inexact name matches, derive from the matlab.mixin.SetGet class.


Inherited Methods

Methods inherited from matlab.mixin.SetGet.

setAssigns values to the specified properties or returns a cell array of possible values for writable properties.
getReturns value of specified property or a struct with all property values.
setdispImplicitly called when set is called with no output arguments and a handle array, but no property name. Override this method to change what set displays.
getdispImplicitly called when get is called with no output arguments and handle array, but no property name. Override this method to change what get displays.



For information on class attributes, see Class Attributes.

Introduced in R2016b

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