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Folder containing preferences, history, and layout files


folder = prefdir
folder = prefdir(1)


prefdir returns the folder that contains

  • Preferences for MATLAB® and related products (matlab.prf)

  • Command history file (History.xml)

  • MATLAB shortcuts (shortcuts_2.xml)

  • MATLAB desktop layout files (MATLABDesktop.xml and Your_Saved_LayoutMATLABLayout.xml)

  • Other related files

folder = prefdir assigns to folder the name of the folder containing preferences and related files.

folder = prefdir(1) creates a folder for preferences and related files if one does not exist. If the folder does exist, the name is assigned to folder.


View the location of the preferences folder:


Make the preferences folder become the current folder:


% Then, view the files for customizing MathWorks® products:

On Windows® platforms, go directly to the preferences folder in Microsoft® Windows Explorer



  • You must have write access to the preferences folder. Otherwise, MATLAB generates an error in the Command Window when you try to change preferences. This can happen if the folder is hidden, for example: myname/.matlab/R2009a.

Introduced before R2006a

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