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Reorder visual stacking order of objects




uistack(h) shifts object h up one level within the visual stacking order of UI objects. You can also specify h to be a vector of UI objects. When h is a vector, the objects stack according to their order in the vector. All items in the stack must share the same parent.

uistack(h,stackopt) moves the object h to another place in the stack according to stackopt:

  • 'up' – moves h up one position in the stacking order

  • 'down' – moves h down one position in the stacking order

  • 'top' – moves h to the top of the current stack

  • 'bottom' – moves h to the bottom of the current stack

uistack(h,stackopt,step) moves object h up or down the number of levels specified by step. For example, uistack(h,'up',2) moves h up two levels in the stack.


The uistack function might return different results, starting in R2014b. For more information about how the stacking behavior of UI components has changed, see Why Are Some Components Missing or Partially Obscured?.


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Create a figure containing a uipanel and a child axes. Then, plot a sine function in the axes.

f = figure;
p1 = uipanel(f,'Position',[.10 .10 .80 .80],...
            'Tag','Panel with Sine Plot');
ax1 = axes('Parent',p1,'Position',[.1 .1 .8 .8]);

theta = -3*pi:pi/64:3*pi;
y1 = sin(theta);

In the same figure, create a second uipanel with a child axes. Then, create a surface plot in this axes.

p2 = uipanel(f,'Position',[.10 .10 .80 .80],...
            'Tag','Panel with Surface Plot');
ax2 = axes('Parent',p2,'Position',[.1 .1 .8 .8]);
Z  = peaks(25);

Next, move the uipanel containing the sine function to the top.

ans = 

  2x1 Panel array:

  Panel    (Panel with Sine Plot)
  Panel    (Panel with Surface Plot)

Now, move the other uipanel to the top.

ans = 

  2x1 Panel array:

  Panel    (Panel with Surface Plot)
  Panel    (Panel with Sine Plot)

More About

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Visual Stacking Order

The order of overlapping components in a UI window. Components on top of the stack appear in front of components that are lower in the stack.

Introduced before R2006a

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