H-Infinity Synthesis

Frequency-domain design of MIMO controllers


hinfstruct H∞ tuning of fixed-structure controllers
hinfstructOptions Set options for hinfstruct
hinfsyn Compute H∞ optimal controller for LTI plant
h2syn H2 control synthesis for LTI plant
sdhinfsyn Compute H∞ controller for sampled-data system
h2hinfsyn Mixed H2/H∞ synthesis with pole placement constraints
hinfnorm H∞ norm of dynamic system
augw State-space or transfer function plant augmentation for use in weighted mixed-sensitivity H∞ and H2 loopshaping design
mkfilter Generate Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev, or RC filter
makeweight First-order weighting function with specified DC gain, crossover frequency, and high-frequency gain
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