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Sagar Damle

Compatibility between CCS & MATLAB

Asked by Sagar Damle
on 31 Mar 2013

I have MATLAB version (R14) and code composer studio version 3.1.0 installed on my computer.Are they compatible with each other?If not,how to update CCS or MATLAB?Should I pay for that?I want to run a MATLAB program(not Simulink model)on DSK 6713.What is makefile facility of CCS?Is it nesessary to include a .cmd file in the project before loading a program on DSK 6713? Please help me!



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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 31 Mar 2013

MATLAB releases R2006a to R2007a supported CCS 3.1

(Note: you might need a MATLAB software license associated with your account to see that page.)

The DSK6713 was supported with MATLAB R14 with CCS 1.3.1, provided you have R14SP2; see


Thank you!

I seem to be finding other references that indicate that CCS 2.1 was required for the DSK 6713 (eg., Spectrum Digital's description of the board.)

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