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Display a symbolic expression in a human readable form. Extension of the built-in pretty function.

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If S is a symbolic expression, then sexy(S) opens a small figure window (message box really) displaying the expression S in a "human-like" form.

Requires the symbolic math toolbox.

Also requires that your Matlab release support 'latex' in the 'interpreter' property of text objects, I forget which was the first release that supported this.

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Very useful and elegant.

Vijay Desai

Continuing with previous review:For the really long expressions, maybe we can break it up into a number of subexpressions and display them individually.

Vijay Desai

It is great for "medium" size expressions but doesn't work with long expressions

M Prasad

I find that for long expressions the msgbox isnt able to print the whole expression out. any ideas?

Claude Girard

Does its job well. And I like the irony in the name :)

Brent Lewis

Great Code

Yair Movshovitz


Angie Blue

Excellent tool, I have been looking for something like this. Thank you.

Eric Rosenberg

Works fine, saved me from a typo.

aza saza

arashf sadeghi

Roger Dufresne

A must to have for doing complicated math

Rainer Merk



Removed dead link in comments

Size of figure window.
Position of OK Button.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

Inspired: Equation Check, Latex Figure Output

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